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Benefits of Mango leaves to treat various disease

Benefits of Mango leaves to treat various disease
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Benefits of Mango leaf turned out to be quite shoked. All existing content in the leaves of mango tasty fruit in the dining even the leavs was very beneficial for health. Not just diabetes that could be used on the efficacy of this mango leaves. The benefits of mango leaves can also be natural medicine for some disease.

Benefits of Mango leaves to treat various disease

up to the mango leaves Efficacy: here are some efficacy of mango leaves andBenefits of mango leaves
ever discussed by some European doctors.

Benefits and uses Leaves Mango for diabetic angiopathy

This disease known as vascular diseases in because of diabetes. not onlythat, a definite improvement observed in diabetes is mainly due to the effect of this leaves the blood vessels in and around the pancreas. Tea made from mangoes leaf are also good in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and hipertensi.1 glass / cup each day with 2 tablespoons guava, mango or papaya juice would be ideal to strengthen the fragile veins and varicose veins.

Benefits Leaves Mango to lower high blood pressure

Not only that, Mango leaves can also treat anxiety in an individual. two cups of tea can be added to bath water and used as a herbal bath to refresh the spirit and cool.

Benefits of Mango leaves for diarrhea, fever, insomnia and hypertension

It is seen as a common remedy for diabetes. Herbal medicine in Jamaica is known to use the cheaper and most of the trees that grow on almost every where, which gives everyone easy access to alternative medicine. 1 cup every day with 2 tablespoons guava, mango or papaya juice would be ideal to strengthen varicose vein. The truth is fragile and there are still a few more benefits and efficacy of mango leaves, but this time is quite,, mango leaves other benefits may be my write in other articles.

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Ingredients and Benefits of mango 

Mango is one of the fruits are much favored because of its sweet taste with thick flesh fruit. Fruit that has the scientific name Mangifera indica is derived from india with Burma border. Mango tree is a tropical plant that grows well in lowland or hot temperature region .Mango is a fruit that has many varieties. In the world, there are about 2000 kindof mango. Mango flavor is very distinctive with its sweetness. Behind the sweet taste, stored substances that are beneficial for health and beauty skin.

Benefits of Mango leaves to treat disease
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Ingredients and Benefits Mango

Here are some of the substances in the mango and properties.
  1. Vitamin A, E, and C, which is very good to help the digestive system.
  2. Fiber can help the digestive system. One mango contains 7g fiber. Most of the water-soluble fiber that serves to maintain normal cholesterol levels.
  3. Carotenoids or beta crytoxanthin to eradicate cancer.
  4. Gallic acid useful to facilitate the digestive tract.
  5. Riboflavin is useful for the eyes, mouth, and throat.

Chemical properties and specific pharmacological effect on mango useful as a laxative urine, appetite enhancer, mild laxative, tonic, antioxidant, and the laxative chemical. The substance was called astringent.

Mango efficacious to cure some diseases, such as influenza, asthma, bleeding gums, inflammation of the respiratory tract, ulcers, boils, eczema, scabies, diarrhea, intestinal worms, motion sickness, vaginal discharge, hernia, menstrual disorders, and rheumatism.

Utilization of Mango

Ripe mango can be eaten directly or processed into juice mixed with papaya. High carbohydrate content of the enzyme in the juice and mix it efficacious to treat inflammation and swelling, indigestion and fever. without papaya, mango juice efficacious for improving blood circulation and treat dehydration or lack of bodys fluids. Not only mango flesh, mango seed can be used as poultry feed. Not only the seeds, young mango leaves can be consumed as fresh vegetables refreshing. Mango skin dermatitis also can be used as medicine. Therefore, it is not wrong if you make mango as favorite fruit because the content and usefulness very much.

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How to use

1. Inflammation of the Skin and Eczema

Skin inflammation can be treated with mango fruit skin. Way, 150 grams of boiled leather of mango with enough water to boil. While warm, use boiled water to wash the skin pain or inflammation. This herb is also useful for treating eczema.

2. Influenza

To treat influenza, boil 200 grams of pulp mango with 500cc water. put 10 grams of ginger and 2 leeks. Boil the mixture of water about 250cc. Strain the cooking water and drink while warm.
Mango Leaf For Health Benefits

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Benefits of Using the BOOBS fruit, Loofah

Benefits of Using Loofah Fruit
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Benefits of Using the BOOBS fruit, Loofah - Loofah fruit origin is from Vietnam who has a myriad of benefits. For people who have never seen this fruit will definitely be amused or even thought hardened. Naturally, the shape of fruit and vegetables is very unique.

If seen clearly, the shape of the tip on the fruit as such (sorry) of the female breast. Well, we forget this, we will now discuss what are the benefits contained in this unique loofah fruit?

The taste of the fruit is very tasty when cooked. Moreover, added with spices, you'll definitely be hooked by this loofah fruit.

Benefits of Using Loofah Fruit

In addition was made of vegetables, fruit also has other functions. That can be used as a sponge bath or wash the dishes. This sponge is made of fiber loofah dried fruit. Fiber fruit is usually in fruit loofah old.

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1. As the vegetables were delicious

Want to try different dishes? It seems loofah Could be a unique recommendation to accompany you to used as an ingredient, commonly used pieces of loofah youth who can be cooked as a vegetable, soup or another dish.

loofah actually taste similar to the taste of vegetables Oyong for us locate it easily.

2. Treating Constipation

if you encounter constipation or digestive problems, who else, eat fruit loofah can help you overcome digestive problems.
Loofah contain ripe fruit very much fiber is good for the digestive system.

3. Treating Cough

loofah fruit that has a lot of vitamins and other nutrients that can be used as medicine. Any disease that can be cured with a loofah fruit? Can you wear loofah fruit through tips boil, then boiled water loofah can be used to prevent or treat cough.

Acting healing with loofah boiling water by regularly to cough gradually recovering.

Benefits of Using Loofah Fruit as Skin Lightening
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4. Skin Lightening

loofah fruit is believed can increase skin brightness. For how little unique.If you want to this one, you can wear scrubs tool made of dried loofah.

Could scrub tool is mentioned lifting dead skin cells and can minimize pores. But skin, do not rub too hard, in because could be really hurt the skin instead of into brighter. uase as tool, loofah scrub with orderly manner so that the result can be maximized.

Furthermore, the impact of loofah scrub this tool will make the skin more healthy in because running the scrub on the skin, it will help the air circulation in the surface of the skin until the skin becomes healthier. Interested?

5. Curing swelling

loofah fruit consumed with tips directly consumed to relieve swelling in the sinuses or loofah nasal. consume directly tips to keep the nutrients and benefits that are stored in the loofah.

for information, loofah taste slightly sweet and not too bad to consume freshly. worth to try.

6. Get rid of joint pain

Additional benefits of fruit loofah is to cure pain in the joints.
Many studies have shown that eating loofah, nice cooked or boiled and drunk the water, can reduce the pain that occurs on your joints.

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7. Fruit loofah Streamlining breastmilk

if you are a mother who breast feeding, loofah fruit consumption will support you in producing the milk.
Then, there is another benefit that is no less remarkable. Is a benefit of Loofah to the health of the body

Benefit Of Loofah To The Health Of The Body . Loofah fruit can cure constipation, treat coughs, brighten the skin, eliminating joint pain, and smooth milk.

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the TOP Uncaria Gambir Medical Uses Benefits for Human

Uncaria Gambir Benefits for Human
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Uncaria Gambir Medical Uses Benefits for Human - Gambir is a plant that has been known from the first hour is often used as an ingredient for chewing. In addition Gambir has also become a traditional herbal medicine to treat various types of diseases in the human body. Gambir plant in Indonesia thrives with long vines and branches. These plants all contain thorns and leaves are round oval where the tips of a pointed like a betel leaf. Petiole short make gambier plants look so lush and flowers crowned pink that looks very pretty. And the fruit itself is located inside the Gambir which has many seeds.

Gambir has both compounds in it that can be used as a traditional herbal medicine to treat various diseases in the body. Primary and essential compounds contained in such gambier, gambier agent called alkaloids or tannins, oxo tannins, dihydro tannins, flavonoids, catechins, quercetin, fat, red catechins and tannic substances catechins.

Uncaria Gambir Benefits for Human

Gambir themselves produced dasri twigs and leaves are finely divided and given hot water and then allowed to stand in the mold until it becomes hard sediment and yellow. At the end of the Gambir black brownish or yellowish. Uncaria gambir uses usually cut into small pieces or pureed.

Uncaria gambir uses are usually to chewing. Chewing activity has been popular for the Indonesian people already from antiquity. Even today there are still some communities in Indonesia is still wearing gambier for chewing.

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Uncaria Gambir is a Source of Antioxidants

Gambier leaves contain chemical compounds catechin which can be a source of catechins, antioxidants that can prevent harmful free radicals. Catechin compounds that act as antioxidants become a natural component able to kill disease in the body. There are some countries such as Pakistan and India who believes in the potential of uncaria gambir medical uses for health care for the body.

Uncaria Gambir Benefits to Treat Diarrhea
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Uncaria Gambir Benefits to Treat Diarrhea

Uncaria Gambir Extract can be used as medicine for diarrhea natural and effective which existed long ago. Parts of plants are often used as medicine for diarrhea was on the twigs and leaves. Twigs and leaves are dried then crushed and brewed like tea brewing and drinking. It has also been demonstrated in a study and proved where the twigs and leaves of gambier have bacterial ingredients that kill bad bacteria as Causes of diarrhea in the colon.

Acne medication

Gambir extract that has been processed into the shape of the hardware and the solid can be recycled into a face mask. Face mask made from the gambir plant able to treat acne quickly. Besides antioxidants can eliminate acne scars that remain smooth facial injury free. To use quite done 2 times a week and its use does not cause harmful uncaria gambir side effect so safe.

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Prevent premature aging

Premature aging symptoms will be seen from the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, dull, wrinkled, rough face. To overcome premature aging uncaria gambir extract can be an appropriate solution in preventing premature aging. Gambir extract which has been used as a mask can be used as an alternative natural facial treatment so as to prevent the emergence of symptoms of premature aging. Usage Gambir mask can make the skin more fresh, smooth, and fast. In addition Gambir can also be used as a powder.

Uncaria Gambir Medical Uses to Overcoming Mouth Disorders
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Uncaria Gambir Medical Uses to Overcoming Mouth Disorders

If oral hygiene is not maintained properly it will cause various disorders mouth are quite disturbing as bad breath, canker sores, sores on the gums, or dry mouth. Gambir turns believed to overcome all interference in the mouth with ease. Uncaria gambir medical uses history in treating a disturbance in the mouth is not independent of the activities that have been made public chewing relic. By chewing Gambir directly or can be finely mashing gambier and placed on the wound mouth will overcome the problems quickly and easily.

Treat burns

When the body skin burns would have caused the pain, bulging or blistered skin, and will leave scars that are difficult to remove. One way to speed the healing can use uncaria gambir extract. The way to do is to mashing the leaves gambir and paste it in the wound. Gambier leaves will cause a chilling effect that makes the wound to heal faster talent as well as to minimize the scar.

Treat heartburn / stomach

Gastric ulcer disease attacks the internal organs, if not promptly treated can become more severe disease like chronic gastritis. The disease is usually marked on the stomach is wrapped around and if filled food will feel sore. This disease occurs because the diet is not good, like spicy foods, etc. Gambir extract is often used for chewing can be one of the natural remedies to treat ulcer disease. You do this by smoothing uncaria gambir extract dried and mixed with a little water, honey and drink every 2x a week.


Uncaria gambir uses was popular as an ingredient for chewing. Chewing itself is part and chewing activity and gambier rod and is believed to maintain the strength of proven gear teeth remain healthy, not brittle, not perforated. Gambir material usually will make the teeth red. But now this practice has been abandoned by the young people today because besides being a unique gambier and red marks on the teeth too hard to break.

The numerous benefits of uncaria gambir for human health you need to know. Gambir utilization both for chewing or to treat diseases in the body really does not cause harmful side effects. It can be seen from the parents chewing until now they stay healthy and stay strong and healthy teeth..... So do not forget to subscribe to our facebook and google+ to always get the latest news and useful. Yuk like and share helpful information these guys

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WooHooHoo Benefits of Ashwagandha for Men and Woman Sex Life

Benefits of Ashwagandha
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Benefits of Ashwagandha - Apparently a lot of benefits that can be generated when we consume Aswagandha (Withania somnifera). Because it Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) is very beneficial to almost all problems in our bodies both durability up the immune system can be enhanced by consuming Aswagandha (Withania somnifera). We will explain some of the health benefits of Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) briefly but clearly.

Health Benefits Aswagandha (Withania somnifera)

So as the above benefits from Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) very much and it is only the core benefits that actually there are many more benefits of Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) is. And here are some of the core benefits of Aswagandha (Withania somnifera):

1. Brain health: Handling Stress and Anxiety

Benefits of Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) for stress, Ashwagandha can reduce levels of cortisol, which is an indicator for stress and anxiety. Therefore Ashwagandha is able to help restore peace of mind to handle stressful situations.

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2. Memory and Comprehension

Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) Benefits to Improve power of the brain. Ashwagandha is able to improve the workings of the brain, particularly to memory. That's why you really should consume ashwaganda, because ashwagandha able to keep your busy life should always think.


3. The strength of muscle mass

Benefit of Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) for muscle strength. Ashwagandha is used by athletes as a natural supplement to build muscle. This improves performance muscle strength. With Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) you can get strong muscles and some other benefits.

4. Durability

Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) benefit for durability. Ashwagandha increases endurance and stamina. This helps mastering long-term tasks leading to an overall better performance. Because it aswagandha itself can improve endurance during intercourse, then you can get just by eating Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) patent results.

Benefits of Ashwagandha for Sleep
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5. Sleep (Endurance Stamina)

Ashwagandha increases endurance and stamina, thus helping the performance of everyday activities.

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6. Ashwagandha Health Benefits Men

Special ashwagandha health benefits for men is the ability of ashwagandha to improve men fertility and the men power in bed. Ashwagandha improves mobility and quality of sperm, as well as male testosterone levels.

7. Women's Sexual Health

Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) to imrpove female sexual desire. Not only for men sex, ashwagandha also give women sex improvement. Ashwagandha increases sexual desire and help women menstrual problems.

8. Preserving

Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) for longevity. According to animal trials ashwagandha extend lifespan. Worms are used because of their metabolic processes are very similar to those in humans.

Benefits of Ashwagandha for Weight loss
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9. Weight

ashwagandha benefits for weight loss. Ashwagandha helps regulate weight problems, to get a lean and healthy body.

10. Immune System

Benefit of Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) for Immune System. Ashwagandha boosts the immune system, preventing the body from infection  and unhealthy environment.

Those are the benefits if you consume ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), amazing isn’t it? Yeah. I hope with reading this article you will get healthier and far from getting sick.

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Health Benefits of Water Guava for Human Life

health benefits of water guava
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Everyone must know water guava or rose apple Indonesia. This fruit is one of the fruits are refreshing. So do not be surprised if a lot of water guava/ rose apple tree planted in someone's yard. Even in some areas, in each of the homes can be found water guava/ rose apple trees.

Water guava/ Rose Apple is coming from Southeast Asia and have been widely cultivated in many variants, it becomes no surprise. There are different ways to eat water guava/ rose apple, namely by directly eaten or used as an ingredient for making certain foods such as mixed salads, sweets, sweet salad, and much more.

There are two groups of water guava/ roseapple by size, namely large water guava (Syzgium samarangense) and the water guava a little (Syzgium quaeum).

Waterguava/ rose apple, rose apple candles, rose apple and guava shocked cincalo included in large water rose or Syzgium samarangense. Cashew water shock is so called because you can not guess where the existing fruit and seeds that do not.

While the water rose studs, Camplong guava, guava palace or rose water, rose apple bells, baron guava, guava manalagi and much more is included in the water rose a little (Syzgium quaeum).

In 100 grams of rose water, contained sodium, Cu as much as 0.016 mg, 0.02 mg as many as Thiamin, Mangan as much as 0.029 mg, 0.03 mg riboflavin as much, as much as 0.06 mg zinc, iron as much as 0.07 mg, Niacin much as 0 , 8 mg, 5 mg Magnesium, Phosphorus as much as 8 mg, total of 22.3 mg of Vitamin C, Calcium as much as 29 mg, 123 mg potassium as much, as much as 0.6 grams protein, 5.7 grams of total carbohydrates, water as much as 93 grams and Calories 25 kcal

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Health Benefits of Rose Apples

Water guava/ Rose apple contains many essential nutrients needed by the body. In addition, a variety of positive effects for the body to be obtained by consuming the water rose, namely:

Health Benefits of Jambu Air For Maintain Eye Health
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1. Health Benefits of Jambu Air For Maintain Eye Health

Vitamin A is also contained in the water guava/ rose apple. With age, your eyes need vitamin A to keep functioning optimally. Besides vitamin you can also increase the performance of leukocytes or white blood cells called antiviral and antibody so as to increase immunity. When the eyes are tired from too long to work in front of computer screens, consume water guavas/ rose apple is one good option.

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2. Health Benefits of Rose Apples to Prevent Body Fluids in Reduced

The water content is high enough owned by water guava/ roseapples. In the study mentioned that the water gava/ roseapple effective to prevent dehydration because the water content contained in every 100 grams of guava can reach 93 percent. For anyone who consumes the water guava/ rose apple, the water content is abundant and fresh they can also help to improve your mood.

3. Water Rose Apple Health Benefits to Prevent Diarrhea

PK Warrier of Purdue University said that diarrhea can be prevented with water guava/ rose apple seed extract. Even in India, a decoction of water guava/ rose apple flowers are often used to treat fever and reduce heat to children.

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Oh My Gosh.. Here Are The Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree

Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree
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As many of us have encountered at the edges of the highway, usually there stood a row of mahogany trees that function as greening that can cool the city. Mahogany is a plant that comes from the West Indies and Africa. Because of this tree can grow on poor soils, it is very suitable if these plants are planted on the edges of the highway.

Benefits of Mahogany Tree for Human Life

In Indonesia, the tree is already quite well known because this plant has been widely planted Indonesian society since colonial times. As talked before that mahogany has benefits as greening, turns wood from the mahogany trees can also be used as furniture was nice so have very high sale value. In addition, do not miss all the bark, sap, leaves, and fruit of mahogany, all of which are of mahogany trees can be utilized. So that the mahogany tree began to be cultivated in Indonesia since twenty years ago.

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Benefits of Mahogany Bark to Coloring Cloth

Bark of mahogany trees can be useful as an agent for coloring clothes. The colors are produced from the bark of mahogany trees are yellow. The trick is to boil the fabric together with mahogany bark.

Benefits of Mahogany Sap as Glue

Mahogany tree sap which is usually known as "blendok", also can be used as an adhesive or glue. While mahogany leaves useful as animal feed.

About Mahogany Tree

You certainly are many who know that trees can grow tall and large. Mahogany tree can grow up to a diameter of approximately 125 cm, and can grow up to 40 meters high. Mahogany tree which has a characteristic cylindrical shape and a rod with a straight elongated, has an outer shell that color is dark brown and when the plants are young, the bark is smooth and gray.

In line with its growth, the skin gradually change color to dark brown and little by little have a rough groove. Because this tree can grow big and tall, then this tree will bloom when she was 7 years old. Flowers of mahogany brownish yellow and cylindrical, stamens attached to the corolla, while the brownish yellow anthers. Fruit mahogany oval, brown-skinned and notched five. Mahogany seeds from the fruit-shaped flat and brown.

Mahogany is composed of two types, namely mahogany leaved and small-leaved mahogany. Broad-leaf mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla King), can be grown in areas that are often flooded, which usually has a very high rainfall ranging between 1600 to 4000 mm per year and at altitude 0-1000 m above sea level. While the small-leaved mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni Jacg), can be grown in areas of dry or arid. Large mahogany tree can tunbuh and higher until it reaches a height of 30 to 40 meters.

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Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree

Although mahogany fruit taste bitter, turned out to have remarkable properties to cure some diseases. Mahogany fruit tastes very bitter, but so beneficial to health. Currently mahogany fruit used as a basic ingredient vitamin and natural medicines. It is based on the discovery of a biochemist, namely DR. Larry Brookes, in the 1990s. In the present invention, made ekstak of flavonoids and saponins contained in fruits mahogany.

Flavonoids contained in fruit mahogany beneficial for blood circulation, reduce cholesterol levels, can prevent blood vessels are clogged, relieve pain, reduce the accumulation of fat in the walls of blood vessels, reducing bleeding, and as antioxidants to counteract free radicals in the blood.

While saponin contained in mahogany fruit serves to boost the immune system, can prevent pestilence, slowing the process of blood clotting, reduce body fat, improve blood sugar levels, and can strengthen the liver function.

Mahogany fruit has many benefits, namely as a drug to cure some diseases. Part of the mahogany fruit is used as a drug is its seeds. Here are some diseases that can be treated using mahogany fruit seeds:

Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree Hypertension or High Blood Pressure
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Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

You can treat hypertension by utilizing mahogany fruit seeds is by way of brewing 8 grams of seeds of mahogany with two cups of hot water, then allow to cool slightly and strain. Steeping of mahogany fruit seeds can be taken in the morning and afternoon of each glass. Or you can also make a powder of mahogany fruit seeds. With pollen from mahogany fruit seeds you could make a drink by way of brewing half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany fruit with half a glass of hot water, and mixed with honey, stir and drink.

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Health Benefits of Mahogany seeds to Reduce Fever

You can make drugs to reduce fever by way of brewing half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany with a quarter cup of hot water and mixed with a tablespoon of honey. Stir and drink tepid.


Sign wind can also be treated using mahogany seed powder is by way of brewing half a teaspoon of powdered seeds mahogany with a quarter cup of hot water and mixed with a tablespoon of honey. Stir and ready to be drunk while warm.

Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree for Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you can take advantage of powdered seeds mahogany by way of brewing half a teaspoon of seeds of mahogany with a third glass of hot water and add a tablespoon of honey. Stir and ready to be drunk warm.

Thus the health benefits of mahogany tree or rather the health benefits of mahogany fruit seeds for health. May be useful and helpful. Do not forget to share this information on your social media or please comment if necessary.

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Woahaha, ,Here are Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Medical and Beauty

Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Medical and Beauty
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Benefits of papaya for health comes from a variety of nutrients and enzymes in them. Carica papaya is effective for treating serious diseases such as cancer, dengue fever and hypertension. While the benefits for beauty, the leaf is able to treat acne, dandruff, and lots more.

Despite the bitter, papaya leaves can be cooked as food that tastes good. For those of you who like it, would gain tremendous health benefits. Meanwhile, to overcome various problems of skin and hair, papaya leaves is often applied topically.

The nutrition facts on the leaves of papaya variety of nutrients in the leaves of papaya such as protein, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, vitamin E, carbohydrates, calories, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Papaya leaves are also equipped with a number of important enzymes such as papain and chymopapin.

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12 Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Medical and Beauty

Papaya leaves very effective to overcome a variety of health problems, ranging from mild annoyances to serious illnesses. The following are the benefits of papaya leaves for health and beauty:

Benefits op Papaya leaves for Health

1. Strengthens bones and teeth

Calcium and phosphorus in papaya leaves, is useful to strengthen the structure of bones and teeth. You can consume the leaves as fresh vegetables or processed.

2. Prevent Malaria

Papaya leaf juice have anti-malarial properties, so it is often used as a prophylaxis to prevent and treat malaria.

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3. Digestion

Papaya fortified with Karpin, who is able to kill micro-organisms harmful nasty digestive system. In addition, the enzyme papain, which also helped to digest protein. With consumption of papaya leaf juice, you will avoid diarrhea and constipation.

4. Helps treat dengue

Disease caused by dengue virus can be fatal, regardless if it is not handled properly. Papaya leaf juice is a beverage to treat dengue naturally without any side effects. Papain enzyme in the juice is able to increase platelets. To speed healing, health experts advise to drink this juice 25 ml in the morning and evening during the week. You can add honey to reduce the bitterness.

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5. Preventing cancer

Results showed that papaya leaves contain white sap (milky white latex). Well, the white sap is known to have anti-cancer agents. Benefits for Beauty Papaya Leaf Papaya leaves skin and hair often used in beauty products, to make the skin more radiant and healthier hair.

Here are the benefits of papaya for beauty:

Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Hair Smoothing
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6. Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Hair Smoothing

papaya leaf extract is combined with milk and honey, will produce a natural conditioner, which makes hair shiny. This mixture is useful for softening the hair rough and difficult to set up.

7. Wash skin

karpain compounds in papaya leaves to cleanse the toxins in the body, making the skin clean and avoid dark spots.

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8. Treat Acne

Treating acne To treat acne? try the papaya mask. The trick, drying 2 papaya leaves then mash until smooth. Mix with a little water, then put on the face as a mask. Let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse your face with clean water.

9. Eliminate dandruff

karpain compounds in the papaya leaf extract is also widely used in the manufacture of anti-dandruff shampoo. These compounds work in order to remove oil and dirt on the hair. Natural herb use papaya leaves

10. Lowering high blood pressure

Boiled papaya leaves together 5 ½ liters of water, for several minutes. Add the honey, then drink while warm,

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11. Increased appetite

Provide fresh papaya leaves, and a little salt. Grab his second mashed, add warm water. Drink it regularly to restore appetite.

12.Treat Menstrual Pain

Addressing To decimate pain menstrual pain during menstruation, use papaya leaves. How to make, boiled papaya leaves and tamarind into a pot containing a glass of water. Let it boil for a while, drink the water when it is warm. Another benefit of the papaya leaf as preventing prostate enlargement, smooth milk, preventing emphysema, and possibly many more. Consider also: Benefits binahong leaves to treat serious diseases.

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Well, that's the 12 benefits of papaya leaves for treatment and beauty. So, it is nice if you plant it in the garden, especially the male papaya. Perhaps there is less? Please add more papaya leaf properties in the comments field.

hmmm...Benefits of Lime for miss V

Benefits of Lime
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Benefits Lime for human health, Who does not know the name of this lemon? The fruit of this one certainly is not foreign because in addition to having a characteristic acid taste and is also easily found in the market or in the supermarket.

Lime or Latin language name Citrus aurantifolia have turned many benefits for our health because it contains vitamin C higher. What's Vitamin C? this we need to know, Vitamin C is one type of water-soluble vitamins and has an important role as an anti-oxidant which is capable of capturing a wide range of free radicals. in Modern day like today is not separated from the threat of free radicals because of the many industrial factories which can cause air pollution, water pollution, soil and so forth.

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Benefits of Lime

Ingredients In Lime The lime contained in addition to Vitamin C also has Vitamin A and B1, Flavonoids: poncirin, hesperidine, rhoifolin, naringin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, synephrine and N-methyltyramine. Here are Benefits of Lime For Body Health among other things:

Whiten Regional Feminine

Lime juice has many roles to the beauty of women, one of them can be used to whiten the feminine area. Having femininity white skin would make women more confident when in front of her husband. Although it is private, the female organs requires a rigorous treatment.

Caring femininity is a basic requirement that must be done by every woman, in addition to improving health can also create feminine area still fragrant.

Increase Brain Work

Vitamin C in lime juice is very good for improving brain performance. According to researchers at Texas Womans University have shown vitamin C acts as the absorption of iron sharpens awareness, the higher the levels of vitamin C in the blood, the higher the sharpness of his IQ.

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Treating Hemorrhoid

Besides the fruit lime root also acts as a cure hemorrhoid is by boiling 10 grams of lime tree roots were washed, then boiled with 1 liter of boiled water to boil for 25-30 minutes. Drinking that boiled water while still warm. Taken 3 times a day.

Increase Endurance Body

Before leaving for travel or work weight by drinking lime juice mixed with honey to taste may boost the immune system so we do not get tired. Treating Pain Tonsils Sometimes sore tonsils was excruciating, well before the pain we better prevent it is to cut 3 pieces of orange peel that has been washed and then boiled in 3 cups of water until the water remaining three-quarters is then used to rinse 2 times a day, if for treatment rinse 3-4 times a day.

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Treating Pee Problem

Term is pain while urinating with urine out a little by little. It turns out we can treat with natural and inexpensive way ie with 2 lime squeezed water grab added sugar cubes mixed drink half a glass of warm water 2 times a day.

Benefits of Lime Relief Cough
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Benefits of Lime Relief Cough

Cough is also very disturbing comfort of our activities, by mixing the juice of one lime juice with 1 tablespoon of honey plus a little salt mix well once a day. 

Treating Flu Cough

By setting up a lime fruit is ripe grab or squeeze the juice add 60cc of hot water and half a teaspoon of whiting then drink 2 times a day 2 tablespoons. drink regularly until healed.

Prevent Body Odor

Body odor making us feel less confident or embarrassed, it turns out we can prevent that is to prepare a lime split into two parts and then spread each slice with a whiting. then apply to the armpit and leave for approximately 5-10 minutes. Rinse with clean water do every day morning and evening routine.

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Treating Kidney Stones 

Prepare 2 pieces of fresh lime juice take water mixed with 2 cups of warm water to drink at night before bed, do it repeatedly until healed. Of Hair Loss healthful vitamin content in lime acts to nourish the hair, keep hair strong and not easily fall use lime juice to smear the scalp and leave it up to 6 hours and then wash it clean

Eliminate Mucus

Mucus in the throat making unpleasant mouth odor, bad breath makes us feel uncomfortable, especially when gathered with friends. Do not want to get together with friends just because of bad breath effects of throat mucus.

We can prevent it only with lime, how to make chopped 2 limes into 3 or 4 sections and squeeze any excess water grab a little added salt stir until smooth and drink on an empty stomach.

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Body slimming

Slim and Sexy body is the most coveted desires for People. Having a slim body makes sense of comfort and light but it certainly increases self-confidence. How to get benefits of lime for slimming body is by adding the juice of 1 lime juice diluted with water to drink green tea every morning and evening routine.

Reduces Blood Sugar In The Body 

Number of soluble fiber in lime juice can help regulate blood sugar levels in the body. The soluble fiber that play a role in controlling blood sugar levels in the body are increased.

Many more benefits generated by the lime, so the benefits of lime juice may be beneficial.

Run. . . rUn. . .ruN. . .Benefits of Running in the Morning

Benefits of Running in the Morning
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Morning run is a sport that most cheap and easy compared to other sports that require special facilities. Said to be cheap, because we do not need to provide special tools for the morning run. Despite the cost, do not underestimate the benefits of exercise as this one, for a morning run has many benefits that make our bodies fit. Want to know some of the benefits go jogging for fitness? Here is his review.

Morning Run Benefits For Body Fitness

Actually Benefit jog to the body is very diverse, one of which is to strengthen the bone condition.
Activity jog regularly will help you avoid bone loss or osteoporosis.

Thus, your bones will remain strong until old. This is because when we do a morning run, the bones will become denser and stronger. Benefits of jogging or running other morning was to make your heart healthier. This is because the flow of blood to the heart become more fluent.

With the blood flow, the heart's performance will also be more smoothly. Running in the morning is also very beneficial for immunity immune system becomes better again. Doing a run in the morning will keep us from various diseases. This is because our immune system is more active.

Running Tips Morning Good And Right

Wear running shoes

In general, we rarely pay attention to a good and comfortable shoes for jogging. As a result, the foot feels so heavy, injury, or retracing less precise. Running shoes are specially created to run. So when you are retracing the movements, you will be supported with an elastic sponge and prevent foot injuries. In addition, generally the soles are flexible, not hard and not hurt your feet.

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catch my breath

Set breath it is important to make you not get tired. Create a count of 1-8, and within 1-3 inhale, count to four exhales. Continuing with the count 5-7 to take a deep breath and exhaled 8. The good inhale and exhale through the nose. Lock mouth shut so that you can feel the passage of air through the nose. This will help you not be easy to feel tired, as well as respiratory and heart can train you well.

The position of the foot while jogging

The current position ran the light and make your fatigue is half tiptoe. So here is not the entire sole of your feet should touch the ground, but the tip of the foot. With this run will be lighter and you can not easily tired.

Minimal run for 45 minutes

Morning run, do not just 10-15 minutes. To do a more effective combustion, then you must run constantly for 45 minutes. Thus, the burning of fat on the body to be effective. The burned area is the most easily fat. So double check your body shrinks after jogging workout 3-4 times.

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Relax your feet after a run

Following the run, do not immediately sit or cross-legged. But, bring your legs to walk at least 5-10 minutes. Recharge your energy by drinking enough water. Then bathe in warm water so that the muscles remain relaxed and not surprised. 

Benefits of Running in the Morning

Now we talk about the benefits of running in the morning, Here are some of the benefits of regular morning run:

Benefits of Running in the Morning to Burn Bad Fat
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1. Benefits of Running in the Morning to Burn Bad Fat

Jogging in the morning can provide additional psychological and physiological benefits, including weight loss. The first exercise in the morning is very effective for burning fat.

This is because after sleeping body in a state of semi-fasting and carbohydrate depleted inventories. Carbohydrates are a source of energy for the body, so that when the supply is depleted, your body will burn fat tissue for fuel during exercise instead.

As long as we kept running at low to moderate intensity, your body will burn fat, especially for fuel, making it effective for weight loss.

In addition, when we sleep the body's metabolism slows down completely. Running in the morning is a great way to start increasing your metabolism. Many studies have proven that people who used to run in the morning on a regular basis have a better metabolic rate.

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2. Enlarge Muscles

Besides being able to help you lose weight, jogging in the morning can also improve body composition and helps build muscle.

3. Reduce Stress

One benefit of running in the morning is as stress relievers. Why is that ? In the long term can make your mind becomes more relaxed and Relax.

4.Benefits of Running in the Morning make You Fresh All Day

Running in the morning is also very beneficial for the lungs, the body is filled with fresh air through breathing, thus providing a more healthy life for blood cells in the body. As well as creating a good coordination between the mind and the soul.

A fresh mind will create a mood for the better that will automatically contribute to the improvement of health conditions. As well as body movements involving all the muscles will make blood circulation more smoothly.

Now that information about the health benefits for the morning run, hopefully useful article for us all, especially the reading

Sssstt. . .Basil Leaves Has Benefits for sex

Basil Leaves Has Benefits for sex
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Famous basil leaves because the leaves are small and green color fresh. In addition, the aroma of fragrant basil leaves makes everyone want to taste it and make the basil leaves as fresh vegetables and rice for put it into the sauce. The other side, basil turned out to have a myriad of benefits. Benefits of basil leaves can be perceived mainly for health, beauty, and for sexual problems in men.

Benefits of basil leave

To get the properties of basil leaves do not need to be processed in such a way, because only then eat them as fresh vegetables usefulness would be directly felt. However, even now circulating basil leaf extract prepared in capsule form are also useful to heal various diseases of your body.

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Basil Benefits For Your Health

The benefits of basil leaves for health is very diverse. Basil can be eaten as a friend rice or mixed with various other dishes so that the aroma will be more outgoing. By eating basil leaves the eye health will be maintained because it contains vitamin A. basil leaf basil can eliminate bad breath directly when eating basil at mealtime.

Basil leaves benefits for men can increase sex drive and maintain the vitality so that it will keep the spirit and were able to have sexual intercourse and can satisfy their partner.

Basil leaves benefits for men can increase sexual arousal

If you have a cough and runny nose then basil leaves also have properties to provide healing. Substances contained in basil will keep bacteria and germs that cause coughs and colds so as to warm the body and make the body feel more comfortable.

Other properties of basil is able to treat inflammation due basil leaves contain a substance called cineole myrcene and eugenol be natural antibiotics to help heal the body and inflammation in the body.

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Sundries Other Benefits of Basil

Basil leaves benefits for pregnant women can be felt especially when pregnant women are experiencing vaginal discharge. The content of basil natural antibiotic can kill germs that cause vaginal discharge so that pregnant women feel more comfortable and not feel worried about the condition of the vital tools also its content. Easy to do that is by eating basil leaves with rice are used as fresh vegetables or can be mixed into the curry or vegetable. At the end of pregnancy, basil can provide stimulation to the mammary glands so as to facilitate breastfeeding.

Benefits of Basil Leaves for Acne

As has been explained that basil has a natural antibiotic, the benefits of basil leaves for acne can be perceived as a natural antibiotic will kill the germs and bacteria that cause acne so make facial cleaner, not greasy, and more radiant.

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Thus the benefits of basil leaves that you can know and serve as a reference and the new science of the natural treatments using plants that are around you. Fragrant basil is not only delicious to eat but also provide great benefits for your health.

Amazing Benefits of Beet For Health and Beauty

Benefits of Beet For Health and Beauty
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Beet fruit, rich in benefits for health. Perhaps no one will know the name of the fruit of this one, yes beet name. Beet crop this are indeed quite difficult to get in Indonesia, because the plant this one in the group types of tubers, derived from the English mainland and some of the State American section. Then how do we get it? .. You do not need worry although fruit crops beet hard to find in Indonesia, but you can get in supermarkets providing fruit plants imported. Beets are herbs that are beneficial to health. If you want to obtain the benefits of beet fruit do not hesitate again soon you find in supermarkets nearby.

Fruit Beets, Rich of Health Benefits

This fruit contains some very important nutrients for health, including: 34% Folic Acid, Potassium 14.8%, fiber 13.6%, 10.2% Vitamin C, Magnesium 9.8%, 7.4% Iron phosphorus 6.5%, 6.5% copper, 1.4% Tryptophan, courin, and batasinamin. Refer to the following brief description of some of the benefits for health beets:

1. Destroy Tumor and Cancer Cells

Fruits rich in antidioksida beets that are needed by people with cancer and tumor diseases. How to consume you can do by way of juicing. For those of you who have cancer symptom it is highly recommended to consume fruit juice as antidioksida that helps suppress and kill cancer cells.

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2. Overcome Anemia

Enough iron content in the beet Heigh is needed to overcome the shortage of blood (anemia). Iron content can help regenerate red blood cells and oxygen supply are useful for healthy red blood cells. The way you can take some of the beets that have been cleaned beforehand, peeled and blender or you could do by way of grated. After that then squeeze the fruit beets that have been blended to take the juice, drink. According to experts consume beet juice helps you exercise longer and not easily tired. It also effectively lower blood pressure and improve health.

3. Drug Kidney and liver natural cleansing gall bladder

A further benefit, beet can be beneficial to clean liver, kidney natural cleanser and bile content, but it also can clean up and neutralize toxins (detoxification) in the body. How about the same you can do by way of juicing. Or in other ways such as boiling the fruit beets, then take the water and drink before going to bed one glass regularly. The cooking water can help perilstatik muscle movement, so that it can launch a bowel money.

4. Overcome Digestive Problems

If you have digestive problems, nausea and pain, diarrhea, dysentery, can drink beet juice mixed with carrot juice with a tablespoon of lemon or lime. Drinking beet juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey in the morning before breakfast will help reduce the problem of 'obstruction' in the stomach. Beet leaves are also useful tackle yellow fever and gastrointestinal pain. The trick Simply taken once a day on a regular basis.

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Benefits of Beet For Overcoming Dandruff
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5. Benefits of Beet For Overcoming Dandruff

Beets can help overcome the stubborn dandruff problem, do: try to boil the beetroot with a little plus natural vinegar (apple cider vinegar). Then smeared-dab and gently massaged into the scalp. Let sit overnight wrapped in a towel and the next day and Wash rinse thoroughly.

6. Lower Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular healthy

According to experts in the UK and in the United States suggest hypertensive patients to drink 500 ml of beet juice every day. Has been shown to significantly drinking juice from beet root lowers hypertension. The content of nitrate is also found in green leafy vegetables, lowers blood pressure. According to Prof. Amrita Ahluwalia of Barts and the London School of Medicine, that drinking beetroot juice and other vegetables rich in nitrate content will maintain heart health. From experiments showed decreased blood pressure within 1 hour after drinking beet juice. Three to four hours after drinking beetroot juice, the decline continued and could be observed up within 24 hours. (BBC News, 6 Feb. 2008)

7. As a natural food coloring

Bits contain betanin which produces a brilliant red color and can be used as natural food colorants, eg ice cream, jellies and others.

Thus the benefits of beets that can be obtained when consumed regularly. Hope this article also has many benefits for you just like beet fruit.

Jackfruit hooked Eating, Healthy You Stay Awake

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You certainly know the jackfruit. Of course, for the people of Indonesia is no stranger to this fruit when ripe fruit because it will have a sweet taste legit. In fact, when I was younger, jackfruit are also widely used as a basic ingredient of vegetable. Vegetable young jackfruit mixed with cooked until done. This vegetable belongs to the vegetable 've' are ways of cooking mixed with coconut milk.

Benefits of Jackfruit

However, instead of this vegetable is the main discussion in this article. Rather, it is the fruit when ripe jackfruit. Jackfruit fruit when ripe is yellow, and hidden within the fibers of the skin is thick. However, did you know that fruit is believed to be from India it has benefits for your health? Here are some of the benefits of jackfruit for your health.

Jackfruit Helping Your Digestive Function

Not only are the sweet taste of fruit, jackfruit but also have substantial benefits for your body. Yes, the vitamin C content of its great make you become healthy digestive function. Not only that, through vitamin C also keeps your immune system increases. So, you you will be immune from the disease. Jackfruit is also believed as an herbal remedy for constipation.

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Prevent Cancer with Fruit Jackfruit

Jackfruit is also believed to prevent cancer cells. This is because, jackfruit contains lignans and saponins are known to prevent cancer. This happens because jackfruit can counteract free radicals that can trigger cancer cells.

Benefits of Jackruit for Skin appears
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Benefits of Jackruit for Skin appears Bright Shining with Fruit Jackfruit

Not only fragrant and sweet taste of fruit, jackfruit is also useful to deal with complaints of your skin problem. For those of you who want a clear skin glow, then by eating the fruit that desire will be achieved. This benefits of jackfruit is because, jackfruit contains vitamin A which is needed for the nutrition of your skin.

Press Hypertension with this Fruit Consumption

Jackfruit does have many benefits. Starting from the basic material of vegetable, fruit, and even to optimize your health. Yes, jackfruit was also useful to reduce your blood pressure. This is because, the high content of potassium that is against your hypertension. In addition to hypertension, this fruit can also prevent you from heart disease and stroke.

Strengthen Your Bones

The minerals contained in these fruits can make your body become stronger. Especially, magnesium and calcium will help you cope with arthritis and osteoporosis.

Suitable For those of you who Medium Dieting

Not all fruit is recommended to be consumed when you are doing a diet. Yes, if you're on a diet, the jackfruit is perfect for keeping your body weight. This is because, jackfruit contains very little fat. Not just fat, carbohydrate content is also very small. Thus, this fruit is so recommended for those who are doing a weight loss program.

Popular fruit in the region and beyond is not the only champion to a matter of taste, but also has many benefits for your health. The points above are just some of the benefits of jackfruit. If you eat, then your health will also be maintained. Hope this article about Benefits of Jackfruit also has many benefits for you.