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Influence of Alcohol Against Cholesterol Levels

Influence of alcohol against cholesterol levels
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Influence of alcohol against cholesterol levels - While most people hate these substances, cholesterol is needed as one of the conditions so that the body remains healthy.
Cholesterol is a waxy substance is basically (lipid) that is naturally produced in the body by the liver and is also found in most types of food.
Cholesterol is required in the production of vitamin D, building cell walls, and helpsthe synthesis of bile salts that are necessary in the digestion process.Alcohol and Cancer Risk Fact
The amount of cholesterol produced by the liver in a day (around 1,000 milligrams) are enough to run various functions above.

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However, we all certainly know how difficult avoiding cholesterol intake from external sources (food).
There are two types of cholesterol namely HDL (high-density lipoprotein) or ' good ' cholesterol, and LDL (low density lipoprotein-) or cholesterol ' evil '.

HDL is required to improve the function of the heart, while LDL is responsible for heart disease.
Alcohol and cholesterol
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Alcohol and cholesterol

Much of the research did find a relationship between alcohol and cholesterol. Alcohol in moderate quantities actually provide benefits to one's health.
People who drink moderate amounts of alcohol showed a decrease in the risk of experiencing heart disease, stroke, and diseases related to blood vessels.
Alcohol used in moderate amounts also increased levels of HDL in the body.which alcoholic drink is good for skin.
A high HDL mean content was able to collect a heap of plaque from the arteries and carry it back to the liver.
With regard to LDL, alcohol has not been proven to be able to reduce the levels ofbad cholesterol.
Although drinking alcohol too much cholesterol does not increase, but a moderate level above will increase the levels of triglycerides.

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Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood. High triglyceride levels increase the risk of heart disease and also potentially dangerous to the heart and brain.Alcohol Effects on the Digestive System.
Alcohol Effect on Human Body
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How Many Moderates?

Drinking alcohol in moderate amounts is believed to have numerous health benefits.
However, what exactly is the definition of moderate?
For women, moderate means one glass a day and for men means two glasses a day.
In the case of beer, one glass usually refers to the 350 ml, 150 ml of wine for.
Alcohol can affect the effectiveness of the drugs prescribed to manage high cholesterol levels.
These drugs may cause side effects such as drowsiness and fatigue, that becomes more intense with the consumption of alcohol.alcoholic face before and after.
Alcohol can also affect the performance of drugs making it less effective