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the TOP Uncaria Gambir Medical Uses Benefits for Human

Uncaria Gambir Benefits for Human
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Uncaria Gambir Medical Uses Benefits for Human - Gambir is a plant that has been known from the first hour is often used as an ingredient for chewing. In addition Gambir has also become a traditional herbal medicine to treat various types of diseases in the human body. Gambir plant in Indonesia thrives with long vines and branches. These plants all contain thorns and leaves are round oval where the tips of a pointed like a betel leaf. Petiole short make gambier plants look so lush and flowers crowned pink that looks very pretty. And the fruit itself is located inside the Gambir which has many seeds.

Gambir has both compounds in it that can be used as a traditional herbal medicine to treat various diseases in the body. Primary and essential compounds contained in such gambier, gambier agent called alkaloids or tannins, oxo tannins, dihydro tannins, flavonoids, catechins, quercetin, fat, red catechins and tannic substances catechins.

Uncaria Gambir Benefits for Human

Gambir themselves produced dasri twigs and leaves are finely divided and given hot water and then allowed to stand in the mold until it becomes hard sediment and yellow. At the end of the Gambir black brownish or yellowish. Uncaria gambir uses usually cut into small pieces or pureed.

Uncaria gambir uses are usually to chewing. Chewing activity has been popular for the Indonesian people already from antiquity. Even today there are still some communities in Indonesia is still wearing gambier for chewing.

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Uncaria Gambir is a Source of Antioxidants

Gambier leaves contain chemical compounds catechin which can be a source of catechins, antioxidants that can prevent harmful free radicals. Catechin compounds that act as antioxidants become a natural component able to kill disease in the body. There are some countries such as Pakistan and India who believes in the potential of uncaria gambir medical uses for health care for the body.

Uncaria Gambir Benefits to Treat Diarrhea
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Uncaria Gambir Benefits to Treat Diarrhea

Uncaria Gambir Extract can be used as medicine for diarrhea natural and effective which existed long ago. Parts of plants are often used as medicine for diarrhea was on the twigs and leaves. Twigs and leaves are dried then crushed and brewed like tea brewing and drinking. It has also been demonstrated in a study and proved where the twigs and leaves of gambier have bacterial ingredients that kill bad bacteria as Causes of diarrhea in the colon.

Acne medication

Gambir extract that has been processed into the shape of the hardware and the solid can be recycled into a face mask. Face mask made from the gambir plant able to treat acne quickly. Besides antioxidants can eliminate acne scars that remain smooth facial injury free. To use quite done 2 times a week and its use does not cause harmful uncaria gambir side effect so safe.

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Prevent premature aging

Premature aging symptoms will be seen from the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, dull, wrinkled, rough face. To overcome premature aging uncaria gambir extract can be an appropriate solution in preventing premature aging. Gambir extract which has been used as a mask can be used as an alternative natural facial treatment so as to prevent the emergence of symptoms of premature aging. Usage Gambir mask can make the skin more fresh, smooth, and fast. In addition Gambir can also be used as a powder.

Uncaria Gambir Medical Uses to Overcoming Mouth Disorders
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Uncaria Gambir Medical Uses to Overcoming Mouth Disorders

If oral hygiene is not maintained properly it will cause various disorders mouth are quite disturbing as bad breath, canker sores, sores on the gums, or dry mouth. Gambir turns believed to overcome all interference in the mouth with ease. Uncaria gambir medical uses history in treating a disturbance in the mouth is not independent of the activities that have been made public chewing relic. By chewing Gambir directly or can be finely mashing gambier and placed on the wound mouth will overcome the problems quickly and easily.

Treat burns

When the body skin burns would have caused the pain, bulging or blistered skin, and will leave scars that are difficult to remove. One way to speed the healing can use uncaria gambir extract. The way to do is to mashing the leaves gambir and paste it in the wound. Gambier leaves will cause a chilling effect that makes the wound to heal faster talent as well as to minimize the scar.

Treat heartburn / stomach

Gastric ulcer disease attacks the internal organs, if not promptly treated can become more severe disease like chronic gastritis. The disease is usually marked on the stomach is wrapped around and if filled food will feel sore. This disease occurs because the diet is not good, like spicy foods, etc. Gambir extract is often used for chewing can be one of the natural remedies to treat ulcer disease. You do this by smoothing uncaria gambir extract dried and mixed with a little water, honey and drink every 2x a week.


Uncaria gambir uses was popular as an ingredient for chewing. Chewing itself is part and chewing activity and gambier rod and is believed to maintain the strength of proven gear teeth remain healthy, not brittle, not perforated. Gambir material usually will make the teeth red. But now this practice has been abandoned by the young people today because besides being a unique gambier and red marks on the teeth too hard to break.

The numerous benefits of uncaria gambir for human health you need to know. Gambir utilization both for chewing or to treat diseases in the body really does not cause harmful side effects. It can be seen from the parents chewing until now they stay healthy and stay strong and healthy teeth..... So do not forget to subscribe to our facebook and google+ to always get the latest news and useful. Yuk like and share helpful information these guys

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