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Health Benefits of Water Guava for Human Life

health benefits of water guava
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Everyone must know water guava or rose apple Indonesia. This fruit is one of the fruits are refreshing. So do not be surprised if a lot of water guava/ rose apple tree planted in someone's yard. Even in some areas, in each of the homes can be found water guava/ rose apple trees.

Water guava/ Rose Apple is coming from Southeast Asia and have been widely cultivated in many variants, it becomes no surprise. There are different ways to eat water guava/ rose apple, namely by directly eaten or used as an ingredient for making certain foods such as mixed salads, sweets, sweet salad, and much more.

There are two groups of water guava/ roseapple by size, namely large water guava (Syzgium samarangense) and the water guava a little (Syzgium quaeum).

Waterguava/ rose apple, rose apple candles, rose apple and guava shocked cincalo included in large water rose or Syzgium samarangense. Cashew water shock is so called because you can not guess where the existing fruit and seeds that do not.

While the water rose studs, Camplong guava, guava palace or rose water, rose apple bells, baron guava, guava manalagi and much more is included in the water rose a little (Syzgium quaeum).

In 100 grams of rose water, contained sodium, Cu as much as 0.016 mg, 0.02 mg as many as Thiamin, Mangan as much as 0.029 mg, 0.03 mg riboflavin as much, as much as 0.06 mg zinc, iron as much as 0.07 mg, Niacin much as 0 , 8 mg, 5 mg Magnesium, Phosphorus as much as 8 mg, total of 22.3 mg of Vitamin C, Calcium as much as 29 mg, 123 mg potassium as much, as much as 0.6 grams protein, 5.7 grams of total carbohydrates, water as much as 93 grams and Calories 25 kcal

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Health Benefits of Rose Apples

Water guava/ Rose apple contains many essential nutrients needed by the body. In addition, a variety of positive effects for the body to be obtained by consuming the water rose, namely:

Health Benefits of Jambu Air For Maintain Eye Health
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1. Health Benefits of Jambu Air For Maintain Eye Health

Vitamin A is also contained in the water guava/ rose apple. With age, your eyes need vitamin A to keep functioning optimally. Besides vitamin you can also increase the performance of leukocytes or white blood cells called antiviral and antibody so as to increase immunity. When the eyes are tired from too long to work in front of computer screens, consume water guavas/ rose apple is one good option.

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2. Health Benefits of Rose Apples to Prevent Body Fluids in Reduced

The water content is high enough owned by water guava/ roseapples. In the study mentioned that the water gava/ roseapple effective to prevent dehydration because the water content contained in every 100 grams of guava can reach 93 percent. For anyone who consumes the water guava/ rose apple, the water content is abundant and fresh they can also help to improve your mood.

3. Water Rose Apple Health Benefits to Prevent Diarrhea

PK Warrier of Purdue University said that diarrhea can be prevented with water guava/ rose apple seed extract. Even in India, a decoction of water guava/ rose apple flowers are often used to treat fever and reduce heat to children.

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