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hmmm...Benefits of Lime for miss V

Benefits of Lime
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Benefits Lime for human health, Who does not know the name of this lemon? The fruit of this one certainly is not foreign because in addition to having a characteristic acid taste and is also easily found in the market or in the supermarket.

Lime or Latin language name Citrus aurantifolia have turned many benefits for our health because it contains vitamin C higher. What's Vitamin C? this we need to know, Vitamin C is one type of water-soluble vitamins and has an important role as an anti-oxidant which is capable of capturing a wide range of free radicals. in Modern day like today is not separated from the threat of free radicals because of the many industrial factories which can cause air pollution, water pollution, soil and so forth.

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Benefits of Lime

Ingredients In Lime The lime contained in addition to Vitamin C also has Vitamin A and B1, Flavonoids: poncirin, hesperidine, rhoifolin, naringin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, synephrine and N-methyltyramine. Here are Benefits of Lime For Body Health among other things:

Whiten Regional Feminine

Lime juice has many roles to the beauty of women, one of them can be used to whiten the feminine area. Having femininity white skin would make women more confident when in front of her husband. Although it is private, the female organs requires a rigorous treatment.

Caring femininity is a basic requirement that must be done by every woman, in addition to improving health can also create feminine area still fragrant.

Increase Brain Work

Vitamin C in lime juice is very good for improving brain performance. According to researchers at Texas Womans University have shown vitamin C acts as the absorption of iron sharpens awareness, the higher the levels of vitamin C in the blood, the higher the sharpness of his IQ.

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Treating Hemorrhoid

Besides the fruit lime root also acts as a cure hemorrhoid is by boiling 10 grams of lime tree roots were washed, then boiled with 1 liter of boiled water to boil for 25-30 minutes. Drinking that boiled water while still warm. Taken 3 times a day.

Increase Endurance Body

Before leaving for travel or work weight by drinking lime juice mixed with honey to taste may boost the immune system so we do not get tired. Treating Pain Tonsils Sometimes sore tonsils was excruciating, well before the pain we better prevent it is to cut 3 pieces of orange peel that has been washed and then boiled in 3 cups of water until the water remaining three-quarters is then used to rinse 2 times a day, if for treatment rinse 3-4 times a day.

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Treating Pee Problem

Term is pain while urinating with urine out a little by little. It turns out we can treat with natural and inexpensive way ie with 2 lime squeezed water grab added sugar cubes mixed drink half a glass of warm water 2 times a day.

Benefits of Lime Relief Cough
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Benefits of Lime Relief Cough

Cough is also very disturbing comfort of our activities, by mixing the juice of one lime juice with 1 tablespoon of honey plus a little salt mix well once a day. 

Treating Flu Cough

By setting up a lime fruit is ripe grab or squeeze the juice add 60cc of hot water and half a teaspoon of whiting then drink 2 times a day 2 tablespoons. drink regularly until healed.

Prevent Body Odor

Body odor making us feel less confident or embarrassed, it turns out we can prevent that is to prepare a lime split into two parts and then spread each slice with a whiting. then apply to the armpit and leave for approximately 5-10 minutes. Rinse with clean water do every day morning and evening routine.

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Treating Kidney Stones 

Prepare 2 pieces of fresh lime juice take water mixed with 2 cups of warm water to drink at night before bed, do it repeatedly until healed. Of Hair Loss healthful vitamin content in lime acts to nourish the hair, keep hair strong and not easily fall use lime juice to smear the scalp and leave it up to 6 hours and then wash it clean

Eliminate Mucus

Mucus in the throat making unpleasant mouth odor, bad breath makes us feel uncomfortable, especially when gathered with friends. Do not want to get together with friends just because of bad breath effects of throat mucus.

We can prevent it only with lime, how to make chopped 2 limes into 3 or 4 sections and squeeze any excess water grab a little added salt stir until smooth and drink on an empty stomach.

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Body slimming

Slim and Sexy body is the most coveted desires for People. Having a slim body makes sense of comfort and light but it certainly increases self-confidence. How to get benefits of lime for slimming body is by adding the juice of 1 lime juice diluted with water to drink green tea every morning and evening routine.

Reduces Blood Sugar In The Body 

Number of soluble fiber in lime juice can help regulate blood sugar levels in the body. The soluble fiber that play a role in controlling blood sugar levels in the body are increased.

Many more benefits generated by the lime, so the benefits of lime juice may be beneficial.

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