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Amazing Benefits of Beet For Health and Beauty

Benefits of Beet For Health and Beauty
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Beet fruit, rich in benefits for health. Perhaps no one will know the name of the fruit of this one, yes beet name. Beet crop this are indeed quite difficult to get in Indonesia, because the plant this one in the group types of tubers, derived from the English mainland and some of the State American section. Then how do we get it? .. You do not need worry although fruit crops beet hard to find in Indonesia, but you can get in supermarkets providing fruit plants imported. Beets are herbs that are beneficial to health. If you want to obtain the benefits of beet fruit do not hesitate again soon you find in supermarkets nearby.

Fruit Beets, Rich of Health Benefits

This fruit contains some very important nutrients for health, including: 34% Folic Acid, Potassium 14.8%, fiber 13.6%, 10.2% Vitamin C, Magnesium 9.8%, 7.4% Iron phosphorus 6.5%, 6.5% copper, 1.4% Tryptophan, courin, and batasinamin. Refer to the following brief description of some of the benefits for health beets:

1. Destroy Tumor and Cancer Cells

Fruits rich in antidioksida beets that are needed by people with cancer and tumor diseases. How to consume you can do by way of juicing. For those of you who have cancer symptom it is highly recommended to consume fruit juice as antidioksida that helps suppress and kill cancer cells.

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2. Overcome Anemia

Enough iron content in the beet Heigh is needed to overcome the shortage of blood (anemia). Iron content can help regenerate red blood cells and oxygen supply are useful for healthy red blood cells. The way you can take some of the beets that have been cleaned beforehand, peeled and blender or you could do by way of grated. After that then squeeze the fruit beets that have been blended to take the juice, drink. According to experts consume beet juice helps you exercise longer and not easily tired. It also effectively lower blood pressure and improve health.

3. Drug Kidney and liver natural cleansing gall bladder

A further benefit, beet can be beneficial to clean liver, kidney natural cleanser and bile content, but it also can clean up and neutralize toxins (detoxification) in the body. How about the same you can do by way of juicing. Or in other ways such as boiling the fruit beets, then take the water and drink before going to bed one glass regularly. The cooking water can help perilstatik muscle movement, so that it can launch a bowel money.

4. Overcome Digestive Problems

If you have digestive problems, nausea and pain, diarrhea, dysentery, can drink beet juice mixed with carrot juice with a tablespoon of lemon or lime. Drinking beet juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey in the morning before breakfast will help reduce the problem of 'obstruction' in the stomach. Beet leaves are also useful tackle yellow fever and gastrointestinal pain. The trick Simply taken once a day on a regular basis.

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Benefits of Beet For Overcoming Dandruff
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5. Benefits of Beet For Overcoming Dandruff

Beets can help overcome the stubborn dandruff problem, do: try to boil the beetroot with a little plus natural vinegar (apple cider vinegar). Then smeared-dab and gently massaged into the scalp. Let sit overnight wrapped in a towel and the next day and Wash rinse thoroughly.

6. Lower Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular healthy

According to experts in the UK and in the United States suggest hypertensive patients to drink 500 ml of beet juice every day. Has been shown to significantly drinking juice from beet root lowers hypertension. The content of nitrate is also found in green leafy vegetables, lowers blood pressure. According to Prof. Amrita Ahluwalia of Barts and the London School of Medicine, that drinking beetroot juice and other vegetables rich in nitrate content will maintain heart health. From experiments showed decreased blood pressure within 1 hour after drinking beet juice. Three to four hours after drinking beetroot juice, the decline continued and could be observed up within 24 hours. (BBC News, 6 Feb. 2008)

7. As a natural food coloring

Bits contain betanin which produces a brilliant red color and can be used as natural food colorants, eg ice cream, jellies and others.

Thus the benefits of beets that can be obtained when consumed regularly. Hope this article also has many benefits for you just like beet fruit.

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